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Invest in areas with short void periods

When investors look at buy to let they should consider the impact voids will have on their earnings. If it takes a long time to let the property and tenant turnover is high, it can result in huge losses. This is definitely something to look at. Finefair is the right team to help you find the best investment properties Lambeth and Greater London has. Continue reading

Should you invest in an off-plan home?

Finefair is in a great position to advise our clients. Whether they are looking to purchase, are thinking about management, or want to look at things like guaranteed rent, we can offer a service. We may be the top company for block management Harrow has, but we are also successful in various other parts of London. Let us assist you and work to maximise value. Continue reading

New build to rent homes for Woolwich

Finefair is a team landlords across London love working with. We tailor our services to suit their needs, ensuring nothing is missed. As a result we can drive value and address any specific issues or concerns. We have become one of the best teams for property management Greenwich has, able to take on any kind of home. Continue reading