1,350 new homes for Brunswick Park, Barnet

There are many reasons why clients love working with the team we have here at Finefair. For starters we are professional and always offer a great service. In addition, we are one of the very best council leasing companies Barnet has. By working with the local authority we can give clients lots of benefits. On top of that we can provide guaranteed rent as well as 24/7 maintenance. Continue reading

The top areas in London for £1million plus property sales

While the property market in the UK has been quite volatile for the past few years, sales are continuing. In many areas prices even continue to rise because of high demand and short supply. At the top of the market homes worth £1million plus are still changing hands. As a leading property company and the best provider of estate management Fulham has, we want to take a closer look at this. Continue reading

The staying power of Victoria Park

Victoria Park is one of the most popular areas in Hackney. It has a close knit community, some wonderful attractions, good schools, and lots of green space. As a result people want to stay here for years. This translates to few transactions and makes properties a great investment if they do become available. If you are looking to make this kind of purchase, Finefair is a great partner. In fact, to many we are the best property company Hackney has. Continue reading

Redbridge is perfect for cycling, theatre, and history enthusiasts

People who work within the real estate industry want to be as successful as they possibly can. We are a team of experts that assists them in making this a reality. Our services are very broad, including lettings, council leasing, guaranteed rent and more. Because we give each client the right support and a bespoke solution, we are the top letting agent Redbridge has. After you see how great our service is, you will want to continue working with us in future. Continue reading

Buying in Richmond upon Thames in 2020

If you are betting on property in London in 2020 you will want to find the areas with the best potential. There are lots of options, from prime City centre locations to outer Boroughs. When it comes to investment property Richmond upon Thames really stands out though. It is a very pretty area with lots of great amenities. As a result it is very popular with buyers and renters. Continue reading