What attracts people to Harrow on the Hill?

Property investment is a tricky thing because of the size of the outlay, the competition, and the responsibility. It requires professional assistance in order for you to do it correctly. Having worked in this industry for years, we’re ready to help you. Finefair is the number one company specialising in council leasing Harrow has. Whatever it is you need, we can provide it to you. Continue reading

Big jump in demand in Hammersmith and Fulham

New data shows that demand for properties in London has grown by an impressive 2% since the start of 2018. This is good news for all kinds of buyers, including investors looking at capital gains and leasing. Surprisingly the investment properties Hammersmith and Fulham have to offer have seen the biggest jump in that time. Demand is up an astonishing 71%. Continue reading

The quality parks in Hackney

Hackney is one of the most popular hotspots in London. It is attractive to young professionals, artists and celebrities, as well as countless other people. Finefair appreciates the myriad of attractions and amenities in the area. We work with landlords across the Borough, delivering the very best estate management Hackney has to offer. Continue reading

High risk loans in Croydon

At Finefair we offer several services, including the best guaranteed rent Croydon has. Demand for homes in the area remains very high because there are so many amenities, including a technology hub. As more people are priced out of Central London they look at popular suburbs like this southern Borough. The popularity also attracts investors looking to make a healthy rental income or long term capital gains. Continue reading