Hounslow Council’s push to improve design and sustainability

There is a lot to think about whenever someone plans a new development. It must ensure it is good for the area in every possible sense. This even comes down to ensuring it doesn’t harm the character. Hounslow Council recently made a great decision in ensuring this for the borough going forward. We want to have a look at it today and how it will improve the design and sustainability of developments. Then, if you need help with estate management in Hounslow, you can speak to us. Continue reading

Latest milestone in Hayes Town Centre regeneration

Councils all across the UK are working to improve local high streets. Many have had a hard time in the last few decades because of the shift to shopping online. Covid had a big impact too. However, there are many different plans to breathe new life into them. Hayes Town Centre is one example that has seen some big changes. We want to look at the most recent ones today, then if you need help from a lettings agent in Hillingdon, you can come to us. Continue reading

Could Havering become home to ‘Europe’s biggest data centre’?

Havering is probably not the first location that would spring to mind if you were thinking about high tech industries. However, new plans from an infrastructure developer could change that. They want to create ‘Europe’s biggest data centre’ in the area. We want to have a look at the proposals and the local response to them. Then, if you need property management in Havering, you can speak to us. Continue reading

Will Tesco Towers in Harrow get planning permission?

Many new development proposals present a dilemma for the area. They can provide housing, new amenities, and economic benefits, but could have drawbacks such as over-development, the impact on the environment, and pressure on infrastructure. It can make it a big challenge for developers and planners. We want to have a look at one such case today; Greenmead Place. It is an interesting example of property investment in Harrow. Continue reading

Could Festival and Greenwich Piers become retail destinations?

London is a city where you can find almost anything, including great transport links and fantastic shopping destinations. Sometimes the two even fit nicely together. That idea is inspiring TfL as they look to improve the Festival and Greenwich Piers. We want to have a closer look at this today. Then, if you need help with investment properties in Greenwich, you can speak to us. Continue reading

A look at Arnos Grove Tube Station

Many people decide where to live in London, or where to invest, by looking at transport links. For many, being close to a Tube or railway station is essential. This allows an easy commute for work, leisure, to study, and more. In some cases too, there is the joy of living near stations with beautiful designs. We want to look at one in particular today, then if you need estate management in Enfield, you can rely on us. Continue reading

Why do properties in Southall typically sell quickly?

A number of factors can lead to properties selling quickly. For example, there may be high demand or it could be an area where homes rarely become available. Whatever the case, it is a good thing to consider. We want to have a look at this today, focusing on why Southall had one of the fastest moving markets in West London. Then, if you want a lettings agent in Ealing, you can speak to us. Continue reading