Selective licensing in Barking and Dagenham

Many councils in the UK use selective licensing to drive up standards and ensure landlords let their properties legally. To introduce a new licence though the local authority must get permission. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) can also step in to block a move. As one of the top teams for estate management Barking and Dagenham have, we support numerous landlords. As a result we understand the potential drawbacks of having to get a licence. Continue reading

The area for everyone

There is something for everyone in Wandsworth. Finefair knows this all too well because we have lots of local knowledge and offer great services. We work with local landlords and investors, giving them all the help they need. Our approach makes us the best lettings agent Wandsworth can provide and has earned us a fantastic reputation. Continue reading

Buying in Waltham Forest in 2019

With 2018 coming to an end property buyers are looking ahead to see which areas offer the best potential for 2019. This is very important, especially with the current political situation. One location with lots to offer is Waltham Forest. It has a unique feel and remains one of the most affordable Boroughs. As the leading name for property management Waltham Forest has, we can offer lots of information about why the location is so good. Continue reading

A type of property in big demand

Most landlords will worry about losses at least once. It is very difficult to avoid a period when the property is empty and rent is not being paid. There is a solution though; the best guaranteed rent Sutton has to offer. With Finefair you have peace of mind and get a set income regardless of the tenancy status. Continue reading

Reconfiguring luxury flats

If you are a landlord who wants some really great benefits look at the best council leasing Southwark has to offer. Finefair is a professional team and can arrange schemes to suit various needs. We explain how they work as well as the rewards, including assurances on rental income. Continue reading

Prime developments in Newham

Finefair offers estate management Newham clients rate highly, catering for new and old builds alike. Our service always achieves great standards, therefore making sure assets remain in the right condition. We can scale to cater for any kind of portfolio, managing dozens of homes or a smaller number. Continue reading

Living in Bushey Mead

Finefair know why so many people want to live in Merton; affordable house prices and open space. It is a great Borough and has good transport links into the centre of the city as well as popular parts of the West End. If you make an investment we are a lettings agent Merton landlords can always trust in. Continue reading