A new Havering data centre would bring in new jobs and income

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The tongue in cheek downside of Harrow

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Sustainable energy plans for Haringey homes

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A new housing estate to replace unstable tower blocks

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Green light for phase one of De Beauvoir Estate redevelopment

There was excellent news for Hackney Council last month when their plans for De Beauvoir Estate got approval. They can now proceed with the project, the first phase of the redevelopment of the estate. The new housing here will be fantastic for people who need affordable homes and investors interested in the area. In fact, the properties that will be available to buy could be some of the most interesting options for property investment in Hackney. Continue reading

A former medieval hamlet is now one of London’s best areas

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How has Ealing changed since the 90s?

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A new Luton Street development is up and running

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