Maximising Your Income

“An investor’s ability to create true wealth from investments is largely dependent on the mix and current health or performance of their portfolio”, highlights Managing Director of Finefair Investments Division. “The best way to keep a portfolio in good shape is to subject it to rigorous review at least once a year.”

A portfolio review should assess the key areas of each property in your portfolio and provide the chance for you to revisit your overall goals as an investor. If the results show that your portfolio is performing at its optimum level, there should be no reason to change any aspect of your investment strategy. However, more often than not, a review of your portfolio will clearly identify areas of opportunity to release hidden value in equity, rental income and tax benefits.

Finefair’s investments team work with you to systematically review the different aspects of your properties to ensure they are working at their optimum level and producing you the best possible returns.

Are You Realising the Full Potential of Your Property Portfolio?

You may have thousands of pounds of untapped potential within your portfolio. Finefair Investments team specalise in in optimising real estate investments, and regularly help our clients unlock hidden value in equity, rental income & tax benefits including changing use, placing with alternative high yielding clients and licensing.

A FREE Portfolio Review with Finfairs Investments team will increase your returns! We are so confident we can increase your returns that we will carry out the entire review absolutely FREE of charge and complete a detailed analysis looking at Key areas including:

  • Understand what the ‘full potential’ profitability is for your investments.
  • Unlock hidden value by finding ways to optimise your existing properties in to HMO’s, B&B, EA Accommodation, changing the current clients.
  • Optimising cash flow on your overall property portfolio.
  • Identify opportunities to save money by decreasing your outgoing costs.
  • Receive a comprehensive action plan for how to maximise your results.

How does it work?

Detailed Property Portfolio Review:

  • Systematically review each of your portfolio assets.
  • Identify opportunities to improve cash flow (rent, finance, tax, etc.).
  • Identify opportunities to increase equity (renovation/development, changing use to HMO, B&B or Emergency Accommodation or making it available to the public sector on a 10 year guaranteed package etc.)

Opportunity Report:

  • We provide you with a comprehensive opportunity assessment.
  • Outline the steps required to unlock your investments’ true value.
  • Review each recommendation with you.

Action Plan:

  • Develop a realistic action plan with time lines.
  • Review and agree action plan with you.
  • Implement action plan to maximise your portfolio value.