As a serious investor you should be taking advantage of our free 'pre-auction service' giving investors a guarantee before investing. Whether you purchase through an auction or an agent, contact us and we will confirm your '10 Year' guaranteed rent before you even purchase.

Being Londons official rent guarantee agent we currently advise proactive investors and landlords who currently buy through auctions, agents, repossession houses or banks in London.

Finefair are proud to be London’s Official Auction Partner for RENT GUARANTEE across London. In 2012 FINEFAIR were appointed as the OFFICIAL RENT GUARANTEE PARTNER for SAVILLS AUCTIONS LONDON'S LEADING AUCTIONEERS.

What if you were able to take the risk out of investing?

What if you knew your return before you bought anything?

That’s what smart investors are doing, shouldn’t you!

Managing over £500million of private assets, we provide property portfolio management advice and take care of clients leasing, letting and management requirements through our award-winning asset management service.

We Guarantee your return before you bid or purchase any property at any of the London Auctions.

  • This means you take absolutely NO RISK!
  • Guaranteed Income from an established Company for B&B or Hotel up to 10 Years.
  • Maximise your income for each property.
  • Highest Returns Achieved.
  • Fully managed for the term.
  • Pay NO management Fees or Commission.
  • Your income is a NET agreed figure for 10 Years.
  • No Void Periods-Get Paid whether the property is vacant or occupied.
  • No Planning or Licensing issues.
  • No Bills and No Costs.
  • One BACS payment in to your account every single month.
  • No Hassle & Complete Peace of Mind for 10 years.
  • Increase the value of each of your properties.
  • One Monthly Portfolio Payment directly into your account.
  • One dedicated Portfolio Manager.

Call the 'Investment' team today to confirm a '10 Year' cast iron rent guarantee before you bid or purchase anything.