Portfolio Services

Working with investors for over a decade we know investors aspirations are individual so are their investment needs. Our highly experienced Portfolio investments team cover three main areas:

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Growing Your Portfolio
We have worked with literally hundreds of investors building their portfolios and guaranteeing their incomes ensuring successful portfolio returns. Whatever your investment level you wish to commit. We identify specific properties for potential purchase through our established partnerships with the leading investment companies, agents, auctions and repossession houses and banks. We then maximise the income against the property by increasing the size by adding additional living areas i.e. bedrooms or turning for example a 3 bed property in to a licensed HMO increasing the return by up to 5-15%. Before you part with any investment we will guarantee your return and the term so you can be 100% confident that your investment will be successful, giving you great returns and complete peace of mind.

  • We simply identify the property for you to purchase.
  • Agree the rent before you purchase and enter in to a 10 Year Guaranteed Rent Agreement.
  • Increase their rentable value.
  • We then lease the property from you for 10 Years.
  • Then we pay you a rent for the next 10 Years.
Existing Portfolio Review
Finefair operates a dedicated Portfolio Management service for Investors with existing portfolios. With over 10 year’s experience, we understand that every portfolio is unique and we ensue that each portfolio remains as profitable as possible.

We believe in working with you, to make the most of your investments, and to achieve the best results for you. This personal service is ideal for those with an existing portfolio, or those with the capacity to explore new investment opportunities. We will complete a free non obligation review of you current portfolio against the newest schemes exclusively available to us as London’s official rent guarantee agent to maximise your return year on year.

We completely guarantee the rent for your existing portfolio for a period of up to 10 years. If your current portfolio income generates 8-10% we will for example increase these returns and guarantee your rent to achieve additional returns of 12-14%.

Portfolio Management
Dedicated Account Manager – As a portfolio landlord you will benefit from having a single dedicated account manager who will deal with everything relating to your account from rent, sign ups, to repairs leaving you with complete peace of mind to do what you do.

Rents, making it simple – One rental payment per month. Even if you decide to extend your portfolio each property will be added to your account and all payments for your complete portfolio will be paid on the same day each month.

View Statements On-line – As a portfolio owner you’ll be pleased to know you may view your up-to-date statements on-line from anywhere in the world allowing you access to monitor investments and performance at any time 365 days a year.

  • No Void Periods.
  • 0% Commission & No Management Fees.

As a property investor, you will have your own unique goals and your own ideas about how you want to manage your properties and make the most of your investments. We understand that each and every client has their own individual aims and we will work closely with you to ensure that you get results you are truly happy with.

We will work with you to build and expand your portfolio to whatever level you wish to achieve, helping you to get the best returns on your initial investment, however large or small. We can identify the right properties for you to buy and look for ways for you to maximise your profits, for example by turning properties into HMOs. We can lease the property from you and pay rent money directly into your account for up to a decade.

As well as building your portfolio, we will manage it for you. You can get all the management services you need in one place, so you don’t have to deal with multiple companies. You will have your own account manager who will take care of everything. We will ensure that your property remains in good condition and deal with tenants while you receive payments each month.

With our guaranteed rent agreements, you are guaranteed to make a success out of your investment, and with our comprehensive services you can enjoy all the benefits of property investing with none of the hassle. Just call us to find out what we can do for your particular portfolio.

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