Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I am locked out of the property?
Please remember that Finefair does not provide tenants with keys. When keys are provided, it is the tenant’s responsibility to make extra copies of keys, keeping them in a safe location, or with family and friends.
What if my home is too small for me?
Contact us so that we can speak to your liaison officer. If your request is granted, we will work with the liaison officer to find you a more spacious home.
I have a complaint about my accommodation. What can I do?
You can report a fault or problem to us at any time. Complaints can be made in several ways which include, writing to our offices, calling our dedicated maintenance help-line, or by completing our online repair form.
Do I need to follow any rules whilst staying in the property?
To help you maintain your property and be a good neighbour, Finefair has set out basic guidelines which can be found in your Resident Welcome Pack.

If you have lost or misplaced your Resident Welcome Pack, you can simply view the document online. If you are a resident in East London please click here. If you are a resident in North London, please click here.

Will there be any inspections whilst I’m living here?
Inspections will occur every four to six weeks. You will be notified in advance to arrange a suitable time. If you are living in one of our houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) or bed and breakfast (B&B) properties, the property manager will visit daily to complete a property and occupancy inspection.
Can I decorate the property?
If you wish to decorate you need to write to us for permission, explaining what you intend to change. We will contact the landlord and make sure they are happy for you to decorate. Please contact us if you are thinking of decorating.
How and when will I be notified when my tenancy or agreement ends?
This will depend on which local Council has placed you. As a managing agent for the property, we do not make decisions on your notice period or length of stay. You will be contacted directly by the housing team at your local Council regarding this. If you are unsure of who the housing team is, contact us to find out.
I'm having problems in paying the rent. What can I do?
We would rather you contact us promptly so that we may be able to help you in applying for benefit or making specific arrangements with you.
My neighbours are causing me problems. Can I move?
We hope that our residents do not cause each other problems. If there are difficulties, please tell us and we will investigate in order to resolve the problem.
What day is refuse and recycling collected?
This depends on where you live. We encourage you to think about the amount of waste thrown away and to recycle as much as possible. Each Council has information on refuse and recycling. This information can simply be found out by ringing your local Council.