Maintenance, Construction & Regeneration

Finefair’s approach focuses on delivering the highest quality service and best value for our clients. We currently work across London’s Local Authorities successfully delivering various maintenance contracts and regeneration projects. This combined with over a decades experience in social housing management gives us a unique and winning combination for any authority looking for a partner that has great knowledge of social housing and repairs, reducing spends whilst exceeding expectations and target’s for every partner.

Though our team is made up of a directly employed workforce in every part of the business, our success is also a combination of the partnerships we maintain with housing associations and local authorities, and our supply chain, who are similarly experienced, professional organisations who understand the industry and work to our standards, values and vision.

All our team and business are proud to maintain our accreditation through exceptional service delivery to the following;

Responsive repair and maintenance

Finefair provides 24/7repair and maintenance services to London’s Local Authorities and other public sector partners. We currently manage the day to day repairs to over £250m worth of property and take a completely partnership approach to working with our clients to solve problems quickly and efficiently with the minimum of disruption.

Our highly trained call handlers have access to the latest technology to help diagnose problems accurately and schedule appointments so as to minimise inconvenience to the residents.

By using directly employed, highly skilled and in many cases multi trade operatives, Finefair ensures high levels of quality and customer service while resolving problems solved in a ‘single visit, is it. policy’.

We operate a clear Repairs Charter which mirrors or ensures even more stringent time frames than set by Local Authorities to ensure we always exceed expectations. We operate a 24-7 call out service with a 2 hour make safe policy with the majority of repairs classed as Urgent completed within 24 hours within one single visit including emergencies such as vandalism, break-ins, leaks and fire damage.

For every job completed we request a Satisfaction slip to be completed by the resident and are proud to have had ‘excellent’ success rate as voted by users.

Void Properties

As part of Finefair successful housing operation we no only turn around void properties for our clients on a daily basis but we take care of the entire void management delivery including to the point of occupation.

We pride ourselves in this areas in exceeding targets year on year for local authorities and reducing their void costs significantly. Most authorities work to a 10 day void turn around we ensure properties are back to our client ready for occupation within 5-7 days.
In addition we work with Local Authorities for their Long Term Void Solutions by turning properties around with private funding to bring back in to use so a potential cost is turned into an income stream for the authority.

In addition what make Finefair unique is its ability to complete property maintenance projects and then go on to offer long term housing management for the property providing the Local Authority with a one stop solution for voids and property management.

We take a completely flexible approach and can work to exceed turn around times and reducing works costs for EVERY VOID, works include which may include:

  • Certification.
  • Interior overhauls.
  • Flooring.
  • Redecoration of exteriors.
  • Structural work.
  • Exterior refurbishment.
  • Heating and plumbing systems.
  • Electrical rewiring.
  • New doors and windows.
  • Kitchen and bathroom replacements.

Decent Homes

Finefair works with its current public sector partners to deliver best value and high quality renovations for social housing to ‘Decent Homes Standard’.

This will most commonly include:

  • General Decor and Improvements.
  • New windows upgrades.
  • Roofs.
  • Insulation projects.
  • Heating Installation.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms Upgrades.
  • Plumbing and Electric overhauls.

As part of our decent Homes service we have Resident Liaison Officer’s ensuring a personal, friendly and professional approach to consult with residents at each stage of the project ensuring minimum disruption to households.

Planned Maintenance & Cyclical Repairs

Our projects are carried out periodically and commissioned within the public and private sectors to range from exterior painting to servicing heating installations or clearing drains.

Building Fabric

The building fabric of the home underpins the major structural elements of a house as it concerns the walls, ceilings, floors and windows of a property. The majority of the heat we lose through poor insulation results in inefficient heating and ultimately, high energy bills. As well as the financial benefits of improving the building fabric, renovation in these areas can have a positive environmental impact.