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Will a Kingsgate Road project move forward?

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New home targets

Property management companies Kingston upon ThamesIn 2016 the Mayor of London chose several Opportunity areas in the city where it would be possible to create thousands of new homes. Kingston was one of them and was given a target of creating 9,000 homes by 2031.

With such a big target to hit, there is a lot of pressure to move forward with new developments. However, it is not always smooth sailing. Some projects have issues with local opposition because of the scale or scope of their proposals.

Kingsgate Road

One notable project that has had issues involves a redevelopment on Kingsgate Road. The proposal is to build on a council car park and a site that has been derelict since 2016. The initial proposal for the project was in 2019 but it did not get approval. There were subsequent amendments in both June 2020 and March 2021.

Initially the project was to create new buildings that would have been up to 25 storeys tall. However, the opposition said this would be too high for the area. There were also concerns about the amount of affordable housing.

The latest proposal is for buildings up to 17 storeys in height. At the same time there will be more affordable housing. In total this phase of the project would create 316 flats. A quarter of them would be affordable, but this falls short of the goal for 30% on every project.

A second phase of the development would make further changes to Kingsgate Road. It would see the demolition of a parade of shops, replacing them with a 7 storey building. There would be 73 new flats here with commercial space on the ground floor. The project would also close the street, requiring a diversion of traffic.


There is still strong opposition to the proposals. Local groups once again feel that the height and bulk of the new buildings would harm the townscape. Even at 17 storeys the new buildings would be much taller than any already in the area.

In addition, there are concerns about the impact the second phase of the project would have on the area. Road closures that redirect traffic elsewhere can potentially cause a lot of issues.


The proposal is currently pending consideration. Local residents can give their comments on the redevelopment until 22nd April. Then the council will have to make a decision whether to give approval or send the project back for more amendments. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do.

Choosing property management companies in Kingston Upon Thames

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