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Hackbridge – The New Mill Quarter

Landlords and investors who own blocks of homes have some big challenges to deal with. The scale of the buildings means they need reliable management. It is a big job because, as well as managing the homes, it is vital to look after all public spaces. This can include stairwells, hallways, lobbies, and any other communal spaces such as gardens. At Finefair Ltd we provide the best block management Sutton has to offer. Our team work very hard and have the experience to deal with even the largest blocks. Continue reading

South facing gardens are a top property feature

At Finefair Ltd we strive to provide the very best council leasing South London has to offer. To achieve this, we work with a number of local authorities across the area. As a result, we have a good knowledge of the various schemes on offer. We also know what each of them means for the property owners. If you want to give a home over to a local council to find tenants and manage, we can help. Continue reading

Living along Cycle Superhighways

Finefair Ltd has some of the very best property managers in London. As a result, we are confident we can offer the perfect service for every client. From apartments to family homes, blocks to estates, we can manage any kind of housing. Our services are available across the capital, but we are known for being one of the top providers of property management Merton has. This is an area we know very well. Continue reading

New plans for the Waterloo Estate in Havering

Property management HaveringAt Finefair Ltd we keep an eye out for new plans that will redevelop parts of London. We do this so we can see how the capital is changing and to monitor potential opportunities for investors. As a result, we can ensure our service is up to date. It also means we can adapt if we need to make changes to our business. The aim is to ensure we can stay at the top of our industry. This includes holding the place as one of the top names for property management Havering has to offer. Continue reading

Croydon is a hotspot for renters who commute

Finefair Ltd supports landlords to ensure they don’t need to worry about losing out on rental income if they don’t have tenants. We achieve this by offering rent guarantees. They ensure our clients get a set payment on the same date every month for as long as the scheme lasts. The assurances we offer and quality of our service make us a popular partner for investors across London and beyond. It also makes us the best provider of guaranteed rent Croydon and all other boroughs have to offer. Continue reading

Where are the best spots to live in North London?

At Finefair we deliver the most consistent services for every landlord. We appreciate that not everyone wants to be in the private rental sector. Luckily, we can offer a great alternative. We can arrange the best council leasing North London clients can ask for. The leases can last for as long as you want them to and provide assurances on your rental income. This can reduce the pressure on the property owner. Continue reading

A closer look at the Croylease scheme

At Finefair Ltd we have a lot of experience with council leasing in London. In fact, we work with Borough councils all across the capital. These relationships mean we can give landlords a lot of info about what the different schemes involve, including those ones like Croylease. We can advise them and give them confidence they are making the right decision. In addition, we help the local councils to find more properties to cater for people who need housing. Continue reading