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The best schools attract home buyers

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Wallington could be your new home

The best way to be a success in the real estate business is to seek out properties that’ll yield the highest return. We can assist you with this. Ours is the top establishment working in property investment Sutton has. The experience we have shall prove to be invaluable during your search and beyond.

Wallington is a quiet suburban town on Sutton’s borders. It sits halfway between this Borough and Croydon. Consequently, it’s easy for some to overlook it. However, those familiar with the area will know all of its positives. For example, it has the benefit of providing three grammar schools. There are also relatively affordable family houses in the neighbourhood.

This town is one that has a little bit of everything in terms of property. There are Thirties, Edwardian, and Victorian terrace homes. You can find detached and semi-detached varieties as well. Not to mention, there are two-bedroom flats from the sixties and beyond.

Who rents here?

Plenty of individuals choose to rent here. Families are very fond of the area. They generally opt to rent to be in the catchment areas for the grammar schools. This gives their children a chance to get the best schooling.

Another positive attribute of Wallington is its transport options. At Wallington Station, there are trains to Victoria in 40 minutes. Additionally, trains go to London Bridge in 30 minutes. Hackbridge Station has 45-minute trains to St Pancras, and 40-minute ones to Farringdon. There are 35-minute rides to Blackfriars and 30-minute ones to Victoria. As a result young commuters love living here. Many choose to rent because they aren’t in a position to buy yet.

With such a high amount of demand for rental homes lots of buy to let investors are interested in this area. This makes it one of the hottest areas for property investment Sutton can offer.

At Finefair, we know everything there is to know about London and its boroughs. This puts us in the perfect position to aid our clients. With us, it’s easier for them to acquire major advantages.

As the top team for property investment Sutton has, we aim to deliver the very best rewards. If you would like to work alongside us, please get in touch.

Twickenham’s finest elements

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Morden’s defining attributes

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The top 5 reasons to live in Greenwich

There are many reasons to invest in Greenwich and even more for why people want to live here. It is wise to look at the latter if you want the best chance of getting the right property. Finefair can help, sharing the extensive knowledge we have. We also offer some of the best services in the area, including the council leasing Greenwich landlords love. Continue reading