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The top three areas in London for property prices in 2020

Last year was an incredibly difficult one for the property market in London. However, it was not doom and gloom for every area. In fact the three below had the best increases in prices in the year. As a top specialist in our industry known for offering the best council leasing North London clients can ask for, we want to take a look at these locations. Continue reading

Living in Plaistow – Stratford’s quieter neighbour

Finefair Ltd has relationships with local authorities all over London. We get to know their needs and try to find homes they can let to people who need social housing. Our work here really benefits landlords. It can give them access to guarantees on their rent and tenancies. So if you want help with council leasing, Newham and many other Boroughs have nobody with more expertise to speak to. Continue reading

Demand pushing up Redbridge and Waltham Forest rents

At Finefair Ltd we work to give landlords one of the best guarantees they could ask for. Our service can ensure they receive their rental income every month for a set period of time. We will do this whether there are tenants or not. As a result, we have become the leading provider in many parts of London. This includes holding a place as the best guaranteed rent company Waltham Forest has. Continue reading

An ambitious £6billion project

Finefair Ltd is always looking at the newest developments because of the investment potential they can offer. Some could become must have spots for investors. We want to help them to look at them as soon as possible so they can see if there are opportunities to seize. We do this while also offer the very best guaranteed rent Barnet landlords can ask for. Continue reading

Will the COVID vaccine reinvigorate London’s property market?

As one of the top providers of block management London has, we can appreciate why many landlords are having a tricky time. Our goal is to help however we can. This could be with stable services to manage their properties or options like guaranteed rent. Whatever their needs, we look to build strong, long term partnerships that will benefit them. Continue reading

Some of the most unique homes to go in sale in London in 2020

Council leasing West LondonThis year has been one of big changes. However, even with all of this the property market continues to roll on. Throughout the year homes have been going up for sale and some sales have made it over the line. As the top name for council leasing West London has, we have been keeping an eye on the market. This includes looking for interesting properties that become available so we can advise our clients. Below are some of the most unique ones. Continue reading