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Biggest areas for house price growth in 2021

Block management HarrowLast year was an incredibly strong one for house price growth in the UK. Many areas saw record increases with a wave of demand pushing prices up. It was a seller’s market and lots of people who brought properties to market had sold within days. We can now look at which areas had the highest increases in different regions thanks to data from Halifax. As the top name for block management Harrow has, we are proud that this local area makes it on to the list. Continue reading

Are ex-council houses in London are good investment?

There are lots of different types of properties to consider if you want to invest in London. Many people will look solely at the private market. However, there is another option that could be very interesting; ex-council houses. They could prove to be great assets for investors. As one of the top names for managing the investment properties Haringey has, Finefair Ltd can help here. Continue reading

What will 2022 mean for the property market?

At Finefair Ltd we work hard to make sure we are one of the best resources for investors in London. Our goal is to provide the broadest range of services, covering everything from acquisition to management and guaranteed rent. As a result, we are a team you should definitely work with. This is especially true if you are looking at the options for property investment Enfield has to offer. Continue reading

Transport for London is looking for a new development partner

We have been assisting clients with their real estate needs for many years. Our team excels in various areas, giving us the experience necessary to help you. We are also considered the top business working in guaranteed rent Ealing has. Even today, these schemes are some of the most popular for investors and landlords. They make it simple for you to guarantee your investments so you don’t need to worry about voids and losses. Continue reading

How long does it take to sell a home?

At Finefair Ltd we can offer everything you would expect from a traditional letting agent and more. This includes property management and delivering your rent. In addition though we can offer guarantees on your income and a full hands off service if you don’t want any involvement. This flexibility and range of solutions makes us one of the best options for a lettings agent Bromley has. Continue reading

The value of corner plots

People often wonder what type of properties are the best ones to invest in, especially in London. We are happy to help here. In fact we have a lot of information because we are one of the top providers of property management Brent has. Our services see us working with every kind of home, from studios to luxury mansions. If you want help, Finefair Ltd is a company you can rely on. Continue reading