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Where are the most valuable homes in Enfield?

Landlords have the chance to make really healthy returns on their assets. However, there are risks, especially when they are in the private rental market. Luckily, Finefair Ltd can help them to consider alternatives. We can arrange the most reliable council leasing Enfield has to offer and also have experience in other Boroughs across London. This is a great way to get assurances on rent, even if there are no tenants. Continue reading

Great places to live in Zone 6

A lot of landlords accept void periods and think of them as part of letting that they have to put up with. That is not strictly the case though. In fact, there are a number of services you can choose that will give you a guarantee on the income. At Finefair Ltd we work hard to provide the very best guaranteed rent Barnet can offer. We also extend this service across the rest of London. That means every landlord can rely on us to protect their rents. Continue reading