Property Company Hackney

We’re the premiere property company in London offering such diverse services as guaranteed rent, block management and lettings work. We are experienced enough to take on even the most complex and involved property management jobs, so just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you in depth. read more.

Council Leasing Hackney

Are you considering leasing your property through the council? When undertaking council leasing, it’s important to be well informed about it all, as the available schemes can vary greatly between different authorities. We work closely with all the London borough councils, helping property investors to get the results they are looking for. read more.

Estate Management Hackney

We are responsible for handling the management of numerous properties throughout Greater London, worth many millions of pounds. Even the largest and most challenging estates and portfolios are no problem for us, as we have extensive experience in the business and regularly deal with lettings, sales and investments of all types. read more.

Guaranteed Rent Hackney

We can guarantee your rent from one year right up to ten years, no matter what type of property you have. The schemes are totally flexible and adjusted to suit your particular situation, giving you reassurance that you’ll always have money coming in for your property even when there are no tenants currently living there. read more.

Property Management Hackney

Our history in property management is varied, as we have managed everything from single houses to entire blocks of apartments, from HMOs to whole portfolios with several different types of property. Our management skills will protect your investment for years to come and keep it in top notch condition ready for future tenants or buyers. read more.

Lettings Agent Hackney

As a landlord, you want to find high quality tenants who can be relied upon for regular rent payments, and as a tenant you want to find a well-managed property and letting agents who will answer all your concerns. When working with us, whether as a tenant or investor, you can always rest assured of an excellent service. read more.

Lettings Hackney

When it comes to lettings, there are so many different factors that need to be taken into account, from attracting the right prospective tenants, to arranging necessary repairs to inspecting the property to answering tenants’ questions. We can do it all, providing either a partial or full service for all landlords throughout the Greater London area. read more.

Investment Property Hackney

Forward planning and a good knowledge of property markets are essential if you are a property investor. We can help you to come up with effective strategies for making the most of your investment, whether that involves lettings, refurbishing the property or giving it a new purpose such as transforming it into a HMO. read more.

Block Management Hackney

Block management can be complicated when you have to deal with several different companies or monitor all your properties separately, but when working with us the whole process becomes much easier. No job is too big for our block management team, so you can easily access all your information in one place and have the convenience of working with just one company. read more.