Lettings Agent Newham

Alongside our property management services, we are also able to act as a lettings agent in Newham, Tower Hamlets, Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, the City of London, and all other areas of London. If you own a property in Newham and you are interested in getting a top quality management and marketing service to help you make the most of it, or if you wish to move to a new home in this East London borough, we are the perfect partners to help you.

Newham is part of London’s East End and contains districts including Stratford, Canning Town, Plaistow, West Ham and East Ham. If you own a property here, lettings could be a great way to make a regular income from your investment, either permanently or temporarily while you wait to sell the property on.

We are always attentive to the needs of each individual client when we are dealing with lettings in Newham. We also specialise in helping people who may need a greater level of support when searching for new accommodation, such as young mothers and babies, and employees who are relocating for work purposes. Whatever level of help and support you need, we can provide it. For landlords, we can provide services either on a lettings-only basis, or we can manage everything including finances and inspections. The choice is yours.

Call now if you would like to discuss anything with our lettings team. Whatever your situation, you can be confident that we have the right solutions to offer you, and we are willing to negotiate rates depending on your individual needs.