Tower Hamlets

Property Company Tower Hamlets

We’re a modern property company based in London for over a decade. We regularly manage all kinds of properties from the smallest single flats or apartments to entire blocks, providing a personal and attentive service to all clients. Many of our clients stay with us long-term as they know they can rely on us for outstanding work. read more.

Council Leasing Tower Hamlets

Are you considering letting your property via a local housing authority in London? When you decide to participate in council leasing, you will hand over some control and responsibility to the council, while receiving guaranteed occupation in your property and a reliable monthly rent payment. We can handle the communication and paperwork necessary to set this all up. read more.

Estate Management Tower Hamlets

Our comprehensive estate management services will free up your time and give you the reassurance that everything is being handled properly. We can manage your estate to the extent you require, whether that involves full management dealing with all the day to day work, or partial management which only deals with certain aspects. read more.

Guaranteed Rent Tower Hamlets

We can guarantee your rent from a single year to an entire decade, and you’ll never have to worry about periods of vacancy. As the only company to offer this service for all kinds of property, we guarantee that you can take advantage of this excellent offer, whatever the contents of your portfolio. read more.

Property Management Tower Hamlets

We have become renowned for our versatility when it comes to managing and caring for properties on behalf of our clients. Whether the management is required for a house, single apartment, block of flats, maisonette, hostel or HMO, we can handle it all with skill and efficiency, leaving you in no doubt that you have chosen the right management team. read more.

Lettings Agent Tower Hamlets

By letting your London property, you have the chance to make a good profit and keep your property occupied while you wait for the property market to return to its optimum value. Get in touch with us and find out how our lettings team can help you achieve excellent returns on your investment property. read more.

Lettings Tower Hamlets

If you are looking for a home to rent, or if you own a property and want expert help in marketing and managing it, we’re here to help you. We want to make sure that both the tenant and the landlord have a positive experience and are committed to helping people find homes that suit their life, while aiding landlords in their business interests. read more.

Investment Property Tower Hamlets

Property is always in high demand, particularly in London. By choosing the right properties to invest your resources in, you could make a lot of money. We’ll help you to achieve great results from your property, whether that involves letting it to private tenants, selling it on at the right time, or converting it into a hostel or B&B. read more.

Block Management Tower Hamlets

We take a personal interest in every single client’s portfolio and the work we carry out always reflects this. Our skills in block management are second to none and give you the benefit of having all your interests handled by one company. This means you only have to deal with us, saving you time and hassle. read more.