Lettings Agent Tower Hamlets

Are you a landlord letting a property in London, or are you considering buying a property with the intention of letting it? Then you are in the right place. By letting your property through us, you will have confidence that you’re working with the best. Your investment property needs careful management from an experienced lettings agent in Tower Hamlets, and that is what we can offer to you. We provide a complete lettings and management service that is totally focused on the needs of both the landlord and the tenants, helping to create long, happy and stress-free tenancies.

We offer a comprehensive lettings service all year round, providing consistent good management and maintenance to keep your property in good condition. From marketing the property and finding the right tenants, to arranging inspections and preparing a tenancy agreement, to collecting rent and sorting out the necessary paperwork when the tenants eventually move out, we can cover every aspect of management throughout the entire tenancy.

Alternatively we are also able to work on a lettings-only basis. Whatever level of involvement you need us to have, we can provide with our completely flexible lettings service. One of our most unique services is the guaranteed rent scheme we offer, which is open to all landlords regardless of how many properties they own, how big or small they are, or where they are located.

Attention to detail is very important to us so whether you’re a tenant looking for an affordable and appropriate property to rent, or a landlord who wants excellent management to protect the investment in the long term, call us. We don’t only act as a lettings agent in Tower Hamlets, but across all other London boroughs including Hackney, Newham, Haringey, Merton, Waltham Forest and the City of London to name just a few.