1,350 new homes for Brunswick Park, Barnet

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Years of development

Council leasing companies BarnetSometimes projects take a long time to get planning permission. This is exactly what happened with plans for new homes in Brunswick Park, Barnet. The original plan was put to the local council in 2017 but there were lots of objections from residents in the area. As a result the Councillors did not grant approval.

There were a number of concerns about the project. Most notably there was a worry about the height and density, especially because the area is suburban and homes in are largely just two storeys. This drew complaints about how blocks up to nine storeys tall would harm the character of the area.

Fast forward to January 2020 and the scheme can now go ahead. The developer chose to challenge the move to decline permission. Since then they have amended the scheme and got backing from a planning inspector and the housing secretary.

Two phases

The project now has planning permission for two phases. The first phase will include 360 of the 1,350 homes. They will be in five new blocks ranging up to eight storeys. It will also provide permanent purpose-built buildings for St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School. The school will therefore be able to move from its temporary accommodation in New Southgate. There will be a separate sports centre with gym and modern facilities too.

The second phase of the development will produce the extra 990 homes. This part of the project will provide several new buildings, ranging from two to nine storeys tall.

A total of 10% of the new homes will be affordable. As a result there will be a good selection of housing to cater for different kinds of buyer.

Council leasing companies in Barnet

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