Plans unveiled for an exciting development in Redbridge

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More on the way for this already thriving area

Council leasing RedbridgePlans have been published that include the creation of 1,280 new homes, a school, and a village hall. Weston Homes and Tesco are behind the development on the Goodmayes Tesco site in High Road.

The work will consist of several stunning modern buildings in landscaped grounds. In addition there will be public open spaces, residential amenity space, and a roof terrace. This is as well as a school playground and tree-lined pedestrian walkways. This isn’t all though as the proposals also involve the creation of employment space through new cafes and commercial space.

414 of the new homes in the plan are set to be affordable. This will provide Redbridge with shared ownership, discounted market sale, and social rented homes. The plan is for 27% of them to be 3-bed family homes. The plan is for Goodmayes Residents’ Association and Weston Homes to work together on the management of the community-led village hall that will come about from the work.

This scheme also includes around 2,500 bicycle bays in order to encourage people to cycle and use public transport. Furthermore, the plans will provide an opportunity for High Road improvements. This includes making the highway wider and a new pedestrian crossing for Barley Lane Recreation Ground. This is along with better cycle and pedestrian access as well as the addition of a new bus lane.

According to developers, the plan is to build a new Tesco of the same size in the current car park. This will happen while the current store stays open and uses a temporary car park. The store will then close and demolition will take place when the new one opens.

Ensuring everyone is happy

Weston Homes amended their initial plans in various ways. They did this after consulting with TfL, Redbridge Council, GLA, the Seven Kings and Goodmayes Residents’ Associations. For instance, they initially were going to build 1,400 homes. However they cut this along with the heights of some buildings. They also did a revision of the main landmark tower design so that they could reduce the visual impact of the development.

Another change that took place was reducing the provision of car parking from 30% to 25% for new residents. In addition, the Tesco car park spaces fell by 30.

Providing the best council leasing Redbridge could hope for

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