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Selective licensing in Barking and Dagenham

Many councils in the UK use selective licensing to drive up standards and ensure landlords let their properties legally. To introduce a new licence though the local authority must get permission. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) can also step in to block a move. As one of the top teams for estate management Barking and Dagenham have, we support numerous landlords. As a result we understand the potential drawbacks of having to get a licence. Continue reading

Prime developments in Newham

Finefair offers estate management Newham clients rate highly, catering for new and old builds alike. Our service always achieves great standards, therefore making sure assets remain in the right condition. We can scale to cater for any kind of portfolio, managing dozens of homes or a smaller number. Continue reading

Hayes could see a boost in hotspot potential

Every property owner has their own way of managing assets. We’ve been in this industry long enough to notice this. We’ve also developed several services to assist people with reaching their goals. As a result we are the best company for estate management Hillingdon has. By using this service, our clients can have a much time with managing their portfolio. Continue reading

Public land may help with the housing crisis

Many individuals choose to make a living in real estate. Landlords for example purchase buildings and rent them out to tenants. However, they can run into trouble along the way. We happen to be the top business working in property management Harrow has. If this is something you’re having problems with, you can come to us. Continue reading

Britain’s worst landlord?

Finefair understands what it takes to be a good landlord. We help investors to do just that with our range of management services. In addition we provide guaranteed rent to help people in London get a stable income. If you are thinking about property investment Haringey has no better team to work with. Continue reading

Looking at Enfield’s new Local Plan

Finefair acknowledges that everyone is looking for something different from a property. Some people want a home whereas others see potential ROI. We can help all kinds of buyer because our services are first rate. Working with us is the easiest way to look at the investment properties Enfield can offer. Continue reading