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First time buyers in London has a good 2017

Last year was quite a positive one for first time buyers in London. According to the latest figures around 50% of the total homes sold in the capital were to these buyers. This was the highest percentage since 2001. It marks a period when local councils across the capital have been doing more to encourage developers to build more affordable homes. In fact a number of these authorities have gotten much tougher on planning requirements to ensure this. Continue reading

New Early Years Hubs for Barnet

Earlier in January London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed that Barnet would be one of the locations where Early Years Hubs will be set up. These facilities will be in place to help improve access to early years education for disadvantages children in parts of the capital. This move could prove to be fantastic news for families in the area and people considering moving to it. Continue reading

Barking and Dagenham remains the most affordable area in London

At the end of December 2017 Barking and Dagenham showed that it remained the most affordable area in the whole of London. The data for average house prices from the ONS and Land Registry showed it was the only Borough in the capital to have an average below the £300,000 mark. This was even after a year when prices rose by 2.5%, slightly above the 2.1% average for the capital. Continue reading

Bringing forward the Equipment Works regeneration

Towards the end of December redevelopment of the Equipment Works site in Walthamstow, Waltham Forest took a big step forward. Developer Telford Homes PLC acquired the 3.16 acre site for £33.9 million and plan to go ahead with the planned development. There is already planning permission in place to convert the existing warehouses into 257 homes at market price, 80 affordable homes, and new commercial space. Continue reading

Which area in London has the highest growth in office space?

Value Office Agency statistics reveal a very interesting thing about the growth in office space in Tower Hamlets, East London. Data from 2000 to 2016 show that it had the second highest total in the capital, only beaten by The City. This is even more interesting when you consider areas in the West End that have very popular addresses and locations that have become tech hotspots such as Soho and Clerkenwell. Continue reading

Southwark could be the spot in London for 2018

The best way to look at the property market in London is not as a single entity; instead it should be viewed as a series of micro-markets. Each of these should be considered on their own merits by buyers and renters. Remember that in each Borough for example there will likely be individual areas that are more costly or more affordable. Continue reading

Improved cycling infrastructure for Lewisham

In September 2017 big steps towards improving safety for cyclists in Lewisham were made. These came in the form of the installation of a 1.7km section of new designated routes for cyclists as part of the cycle superhighway stretching from London Bridge to Greenwich. This route goes via six of the worst junctions in the area for cyclist injuries. Continue reading

Hounslow Council works to tackle ASB

At the start of December Hounslow Council revealed their plans to reduce the number of anti-social behaviour (ASB) problems linked to alcohol in the Borough. In a twelve month period to 31st March 2017 a total of 8,473 reports of incidents were reported to the police. This represented a 9% rise over the previous period. Continue reading