Positive news for Thameside West

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A new ‘vertical village’

Council leasing NewhamThameside West is one of the most interesting projects for east London in recent times. The plan was quite controversial and sadly did not initially get planning permission. Newham Council threw out the proposal in 2019 because of concerns over the density and height of the cluster of new buildings. There were also concerns about the impact the thousands of new residents would have on existing infrastructure.

However, the Council’s decision did not kill the project. In August there was more positive news about it. The deputy mayor for planning in London had been considering the plans and made the decision to overrule Newham Council. This means that the plans can move forward.

So what will happen?

The project will create over 5,000 new homes in the ‘vertical village’ in Silvertown. This is a prime piece of waterfront that could help make the homes very popular. Work on the site is expected to begin in the near future and could continue until 2031.

The deputy mayor gave consent because he saw that the new homes will be important for easing the housing crisis in East London. Almost a third of the housing will be affordable. This includes some homes set aside for first time buyers and others for renters with lower income.

In addition to the housing, the project will create a new DLR station for the area. This will help to ease some of the pressure on the current infrastructure. The plan is for the station to be built and operational before around the first third of the new homes are finished. This could be as soon as 2023.

The development will also include a new primary school, open space, offices, and commercial spaces like offices and restaurants. In total the site is 40 acres so it could become a very popular spot.

Council leasing in Newham

Council leasingFinefair Ltd is proud to give landlords the chance to work with their local authorities. We have great relationships with councils across the capital, including Newham. Our goal is to help them to find more properties so they can offer homes for people who need social housing. The property owners can benefit from this by finding easier access to tenants and handing over responsibility to the council. It also ensures they get a stable, secure rental income.

It is our pleasure to make it very easy to arrange a service. We can give landlords a lot of information about how the scheme works and what they need to do. Then, we can be their partner to ensure their assets are managed properly.

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