COVID-19 – Higher house prices for Merton thanks to space demands

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Merton house price boom

Block management MertonIn South West London, boroughs Sutton and Merton had the fastest rising house prices this year to July. This was thanks to buyers seeking out more space because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This information came from Zoopla, which has shown the effect that coronavirus has had on different parts of the capital. According to the figures, house prices in Merton rose 3.2% the year to July with house prices in Sutton rising 3.1 percent. With an average of 2.5% for the UK, you can see that this is a fair bit higher.

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Stamp duty holiday

House prices in the UK have skyrocketed with the lockdowns from the coronavirus pandemic. This is despite the fact that the economy is having its worst year in memory. There is a pent-up demand because of the frozen property market between April and May.

On top of this, the government’s stamp duty holiday has caused a huge boost. It has brought the payment threshold up to £500,000 until March. In response, sales in London have gone up 27%.

Something else important is that there is a ‘one-off’ shift from the lockdown. What this means is that many households have now changed their view on how they wish to live and where they want to be. As a result, there is a bigger demand for more space. In addition, more people want gardens or to be in close proximity to a park.

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