Council Leasing Newham

We provide all types of property services for a wide and varied pool of clients, helping them to achieve their property related goals while always keeping their individual needs in mind. When you need any type of assistance with setting up council leasing in Newham, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure that everything is done properly and that the entire process can run as smoothly as possible.

Council leasing involves letting your property through a local housing authority, meaning that you have less work to do as a landlord. It could be a great choice for busy landlords who have multiple properties to manage, or who simply wish to focus on other aspects of their business while someone else manages their properties for them.

When taking part in a council leasing scheme, you will lose a certain amount of the control you have over your investments, but you will enjoy many other benefits. For example, you will know exactly when the rental payments will arrive and will have a reliable monthly income from your property, without worrying about vacant periods or unreliable tenants. The authority in question will also handle any necessary repairs or maintenance work, reducing your burdens as a landlord even further.

Having built up a strong network of contacts across London councils and housing associations over the years, we are the perfect choice to advise you and provide practical services to do with council leasing in Newham, Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Wandsworth, Redbridge, the City of London and all other boroughs of London. Call now to find out more about this great service.