Work is progressing on an Islington £20 million YMCA hostel

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One Step Closer

London is full of accommodation for all kinds of people. One example of this is in the south of Islington. After many years of work, the structure for a YMCA hostel is done. It is now even closer to its final completion and then it will be ready for people to move in.

The project for this space came after experts deemed the previous building not fit for use and demolished it. Now though, it will better suit its purpose, including offering disabled access to give people chances.

The purpose of this building is to act as accommodation for vulnerable homeless people. In fact, it will be the first new build of its kind in London for over a decade. The location of this structure is at the south of the Borough in Errol Street, close to the border of the City. This project is into its 8th year and when it opens in the summer, it will house 146 youngsters.

Improving the area

It is an achievement that will further help improve the area for all of its residents. Even the major of London got involved with finishing of this latest and important stage. Now it needs kitting out, and there are chances for people to contribute if they wish to do so. This is a practical way to make an impact for people who need it.

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