Hounslow is leading the way with driverless cars

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Cutting edge technology

Hounslow is a forward thinking Borough and is currently helping to pave the way for driverless cars in London. The technology was previously undergoing testing in Oxford. It has now moved on to this part of the capital. Trials began earlier this month and will continue until summer 2019.

The vehicles will be on the road to map routes, learn about signs and road markings, and develop their knowledge of the area. The idea is to ensure they have a database of info just like human drivers and pedestrians. Vehicles will be on the roads during the day and at night, experiencing different conditions. They will also get to test in various weathers.

While all the vehicles are autonomous, they won’t be unmanned during the tests. There will be a professional safety driver onboard to take control if there is a problem. In addition there will be an engineer to monitor the functions of the vehicle.

The project is a partnership between an array of different entities. It is known as DRIVEN and includes Oxbotica (the software developer), Oxford Robotics Institute, TfL, and AXA XL. The ultimate aim is to create a fully autonomous fleet of vehicles that can drive between Oxford and Hounslow.

Better transport infrastructure

The current tests show that Hounslow is one of the leading areas in the UK in terms of transport infrastructure. The current technology could completely transform the roads. It has a huge amount of potential and this testing is crucial.

At Finefair we work with a number of people who want to live and own properties in forward thinking areas. Hounslow definitely qualifies and also offers plenty of opportunities. For example it has some really great house prices and areas with lots of amenities.

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