Yiewsley forms a great suburb with West Drayton

There are a number of attractive areas in Hillingdon, including Uxbridge, Ruislip and West Drayton. The latter has a great suburb with a lot of potential. Yiewsley has plenty of history, especially in agriculture and brick making. Many old industrial buildings are now modern flats, making them some of the best investment properties Hillingdon can offer.


Yiewsley was a small hamlet for many centuries. Growth began with the arrival of the Great Western Railway in the 1830s. It really accelerated when the Grand Junction Canal arrived. This transport link made it easier to transport raw materials and bricks. At the height of their success the brickwork’s were producing 5 million bricks per year. The expansion of the industry led to the creation of more homes in the area.

Sadly the brickworks went into decline in the 20th century. Strikes and the Great Depression hit the industry very hard. Otter Dock, the branch of the canal in the area, was filled in the mid 1930s. This was shortly after the last brick field in the area closed. The former dock now has walking trails and trees.


Even after the closure of the brick industry Yiewsley was a hotspot for commercial activity. Much of this was focused here instead of in West Drayton. There are still a number of industrial and business estates here. In addition there is a quite busy town centre with shops and restaurants.


A lot of different people want to live in the area. It is quite green, especially to the west. As we said above there are plenty of amenities in the area. In addition there are good local schools and a great selection of different types of housing. In terms of commuting, West Drayton station is just to the south. Commuters can reach Paddington Station in less than half an hour as a result. Heathrow Airport is also to the south.

If you are thinking about the investment properties Hillingdon has to offer take a look at Yiewsley. Old commercial premises have potential to turn into modern homes if you are looking at a big project. Alternatively you could choose flats, family homes or traditional worker’s cottages.

There is a lot to offer so let Finefair help. Contact our team today to talk about your investment.