Plans to improve roads in Havering

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The second largest highway network

Havering is a popular area for commuters for several reasons. Firstly it is one of the most affordable Boroughs in the city. Additionally it has some good transport links. It stands out in particular for having the second largest network of highways in London. This includes stretches of the M25, the A12 and the A13. This connectivity is a big selling point.

With such focus on highways in the area locals will appreciate the fact that the council recently agreed to invest £30million in the roads. The investment will cover three years of improvements. It comes after a survey earlier this year revealed that 38% of residents believed the condition of the roads was the biggest problem in the area.


In Havering a massive 75% of households own at least one car. This is an area where lots of people drive as part of their commute to work. Unfortunately there are some problems with parking in the area because of the number of vehicles. The Council is being proactive again though. They are looking at plans to make more spaces. One way they may do this is by converting grass verges. They may also create extra parking zones, protecting spaces for locals.

The Council is currently in the process of finalising their budget. It will go before the Full Council for approval on 21st February 2019. There may be some changes before then but the willingness to invest in local roads and parking is great.

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