What to expect from Lewisham

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For those who don’t know it, Lewisham is a borough in the southeast part of London. It’s a mere 18 minutes away from the Cannon Street railway terminus.

Big changes

At present, the area is halfway through a conversion from derelict suburb to contemporary metropolis. Within its limits are leisure facilities, public spaces, and smart high-rise flats.

The council has also done much to make Lewisham the preferred town centre for those living in the southeast. This includes committing to making sure that there is a diverse collection of shops.

What kind of properties does Lewisham have?

Block management LewishamAnyone with an interest in the property scene will be happy to know that there are plenty of fine early Victorian houses here. They are a reminder that the borough was once an affluent retreat from central London. Later Victorian terraces date back to the arrival of the railway. Around this time, the area became a commuter suburb. To replace properties affected by World War II, builders constructed social housing estates. These days, new flats entice workers from Canary Wharf and the City.

You may want to rent in the area. If so you should know that new Lewisham flats are popular among commuting professionals. Usually, investors seek a yield of 5-7% before committing. While this may be tough to get, there could be potential for capital growth. This makes them more attractive.

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