Small sites for small builders

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Developing small sites

Investment properties LambethNew batches of small sites are scheduled to provide essential affordable housing for the capital. This is one aspect of the Mayor’s Small Sites, Small Builders scheme. Transport for London (TfL) is the one responsible for bringing this plan forward because they own the land. The eight chosen sites will all supply between 1 and 30 homes. Lambeth is home to one of these sites.

The sites shall go a good way towards meeting Sadiq Khan’s target for 50% affordable housing. This is across the portfolios of sites TfL frees up for housing. In February 2018, ten other small sites belonging to TfL launched across seven boroughs. At Atkins Road in Lambeth, the development is going to be 50% affordable.

Big developers dominate

At present, a small amount of big developers dominate London’s home building sector. They construct the most homes all over the capital. The quantity of small builders has halved during the last decade. These individuals deliver fewer than one hundred homes in the city. The issue is that these companies play a very important role because they typically take on smaller trickier sites. Without them lots of plots can go undeveloped.

What the Mayor wants to do is to increase the accessibility to publicly owned small plots of land. He wants more small and medium sized builders to access them so they can grow. The way the Mayor intends to do this is through a simple bidding process. This will come with standardised legal contracts.

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