What is the fastest selling house market in London?

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New data

council leasing Kingston Upon ThamesOne thing investors need to look at is how quickly properties are selling. This is important for many reasons, including how long it could take to conclude a deal. New data shows the areas in London that have the fastest local markers for selling. The information is interesting and definitely worth looking at.

In terms of individual area, Kingston upon Thames has the fastest market. Here homes tend to sell within 16 weeks. This is the amount of time on average it takes from a home arriving on the market to it officially being classified as sold by HM Land Registry.

A number of high profile areas had much slower markets. For example locations like King’s Cross, Enfield and Finchley were all slower.

Is the West End still in high demand?

The data also shows that West London as a whole has a faster market than other areas. The average time a property takes to sell is just 12 weeks, 4 weeks faster than the average for the whole of the city. In comparison North West, South West and South East London were all at 16 weeks. East London was at 17 weeks and North London had an even slower market at 18 weeks.

Good signs

The speed of house sales in West London is a good sign for investors. It shows there is demand and also points to good signs such as how quickly it takes to get mortgage approval and complete the conveyancing process.

If you are looking to invest in a property, West London is a great area. There are several good locations here, including the attractive Kingston upon Thames.

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