Westminster City Council working to increase affordable housing

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Addressing Housing Needs

Westminster City Council is introducing a ban on oversized properties. This is through a 150 sq metre limit for new homes. The purpose of this is to stop the building of supersize properties. The hope is that this will inspire people to build more affordable properties. This way, Londoners will have more access to housing that isn’t expensive.

This ban is a part of the City Plan for developments between 2019 and 2040. One of many introductions is the commitment made to build over 10,000 units classed as affordable by the year 2040. Another part of this is a policy for extra bedrooms. This will make it easier for a family to extend their home rather than having to move out of the area.

This plan will help the borough thrive and be the home to many different community groups rather than empty luxury homes. People will then have access to the right kind of homes to live in. Those who want to can then live in Westminster City if they choose to.

The 150 sq metre limit is still a huge degree higher than the average size of a private home in this area. This means that the prime market will still be catered for through new developments. All the while, it will allow for a better strategy for meeting the housing needs of the city.

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