Put the empty homes in Croydon to good use

Finefair is one of the leading figures specialising in investment properties Croydon has. The services we offer assist investors in various ways. They can help them with buying and managing their possessions. We also aim to provide a greater understanding of the property market.

Recent numbers show that Croydon has more than 1,000 empty homes. These properties have been empty for over six months. Back in September, the exact amount was 1,524. Campaigners state that it is vital to bring them back into use. This would certainly aid those families that require social housing.

An increase from 2017

Since 2017, the number of long-term empty houses has grown. Previously, there were only 1,266. The majority of these structures were at the lower end of the housing market. As a result they were primarily houses in the bottom four council tax bands. They accounted for 80% of the total.

Providing more homes

Throughout the entire country, there are families on social housing waiting lists. Others are in accommodation that’s only temporary. Sometimes, it’s also unsuitable for them. We can use these wasted houses to improve the current situation.

There is an easy way to get these properties back into use; the Government must invest a reasonable amount of money. In particular, they need to concentrate on markets with lower value. This shall assist them in meeting the requirements for housing in these locations.

Our company has worked in real estate for years. Therefore, we have experience with finding owners and investors for empty houses.

At Finefair, we want every investor to get the best possible results from their purchases. For this to happen, they must tap into the potential of their portfolio. With our free review, they can look at key areas and determine if they can make improvements. We have a wealth of experience with the fantastic investment properties Croydon has to offer. Therefore we know exactly how to improve assets and target the right tenants.

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