What does The City of London have to offer?

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To clear up any confusion, The City of London is both a city and county within the actual capital. Informally, many call it The Square Mile. It’s one of the premier drivers of London’s economy. The annual output here is a huge £45billion. This is equal to 3% of the nation’s GDP, and 14% of the capital’s.

How many people live here?

These days, there are around 8,000 people living in the area. This is a relatively small figure for a central urban area. However it the population is growing. This has been the case ever since a review of the residential policy took place.

Various people reside in the Barbican. This is one of the City’s most well maintained estates. Aside from the permanent residents here, there’s an additional 1,400 second homes.

The City is also currently contemplating how it can supply more office space. This would accommodate 50,000 extra workers in the next two decades.

The City’s main concern is not to provide new homes. It is not subject to government regulations that permit developers to transform offices into homes without planning permission. It is exempt because offices in the area need to be protected. Despite this though, there is an agreement to construct 141 new homes locally every year for the next decade.

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