The top 5 reasons to live in Greenwich

There are many reasons to invest in Greenwich and even more for why people want to live here. It is wise to look at the latter if you want the best chance of getting the right property. Finefair can help, sharing the extensive knowledge we have. We also offer some of the best services in the area, including the council leasing Greenwich landlords love.


There are stunning buildings all over London but Greenwich has a big concentration of them. Along the Thames there are lots of relics of the marine history of the area. In fact there is even a Unesco World Heritage site, ensuring these buildings have great protection.


Greenwich says it all if you are thinking about parks and open space. There is lots of green to enjoy, including the huge 183 acres of Greenwich Park. This is one of the most stunning spaces in the whole of London. You can enjoy great views, visit the planetarium, play some tennis, and also watch the wildlife.


The Borough is in a great location for commuters. Bank in the heart of the City is around twenty minutes away. In addition it takes around half this to get to London Bridge by train. Some people even take to the river to commute. There are water taxis as well as riverboats to get you quickly from one side to the other.


As we said there is plenty of heritage here. If you love museums you will be spoilt for choice. The most popular ones include the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory. In addition you can see the Cutty Sark or even the Fan Museum.


There is plenty more to do in Greenwich. The 02 Arena is one of the largest venues in the UK. It offers a really diverse array of events including sports, concerts and comedy. In addition there are bars and restaurants, a cinema, and a bowling alley. There is more to do in the town centre, including a theatre.

Greenwich ticks all of the boxes. If you are looking to invest here we can help. Rely on Finefair, the best team for council leasing Greenwich has. We can explain different options to you, therefore ensuring you can make a good decision on what to do with a property. Whether you choose private or social, we have a service for you.