Top areas for buy to let income in London

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While it is now more expensive to invest in buy to let properties because of additional taxes and fees, the rewards are still great. The latest figures show that landlords in parts of London have seen the best returns in the year to April 2018. Income from these properties was over £7billion, up a healthy 6.4%.

To put this rise into perspective it is good to look at the UK average. The average rise in the same period across the whole of Britain was 4.8%. More importantly, the income in London is 20% of the total for the whole of the UK, more than any other region by far.


Buy to let investments are still very lucrative because they are relatively low risk. In addition they can provide more consistent returns in the long term, outperforming stocks, shares, bonds, and ISAs.

Which areas were the best?

London is a very strong property market with lots of demand. In the list of top twenty areas in the UK with highest average annual income per capita, 16 were in the capital. Top locations include Westminster, Camden, Hackney, and also Barnet.

If you are looking for a stable investment, buy to let in London could be a great option. You could expect an average income of £20,000 per property, higher than the UK average of £14,000. You’ll stand the best chance to earn the highest returns if you invest in quality properties in the most attractive locations.

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