High estate agents fees in London

If you plan to buy an investment property Hammersmith and Fulham may be one of the best destinations in London. It is a very popular Borough with some very famous postcodes. You can’t rush in though because this could cost you in the long run. Finefair is here to help you consider the options and make the right decisions.

One thing many people don’t think about when they buy a property is the estate agent fees. This is very important if you plan on selling in the future. If you are looking at ROI the bill from the estate agent could eat into your profit.

London has the highest average fees for traditional estate agents in the UK at 1.70%. This means investors could be spending thousands more than people who bought in other locations.

The difference in fees between areas in London is quite astonishing. Kensington has the highest average fee price at £71,986.40 (or 2.04%). Lambeth is the cheapest at £8,239.90 (1.53%). This is an incredible £63,746.50 difference.

Hammersmith and Fulham

This is one of the clearest ways to see how crazy the differences in fees can be. The distance between the areas is around a mile and a half. Fulham is the fifth most expensive area to sell a property in London though (£21,290 or 1.90%). Hammersmith on the other hand is the sixth cheapest (£16,163.09 or 1.75%).


It has been a turbulent period for traditional estate agents across the UK. They are under pressure from online and hybrid companies who can offer lower fees. As a result their prices have come down. At the same time fees for selling homes online are rising.

If you are looking for property investment Hammersmith and Fulham has plenty to offer. Finefair can help, offering advice about locations and demand. We recommend you think ahead for estate agents fees too. When you do come to sell you should consider various people to see who offers the best deal. This includes looking online.

To work with a professional team with lots of property knowledge, contact us. We can help with your search and even offer useful services such as guaranteed rent.