An argument in Enfield

At Finefair we plan for the challenges of managing blocks of properties. This way we can find effective solutions and maintain value. As a result we offer the highest quality block management Enfield can provide. Whether it is a huge high rise building or several homes on the same street, we can deliver a great service.

In a previous article we wrote about plans in Enfield to build on Greenbelt land. The local council was proposing this because of the challenges to meet targets for new housing. The issue is that this land has more protection to preserve the environment. The Mayor of London strongly supports the need to protect these green spaces.

A response

It is likely the Mayor of London will vote no to Enfield’s plans, especially if they go against the current planning policy. This could send the council back to the drawing board with their local plan.

One thing the Mayor did say though is he would look into whether it is possible to free up more industrial Brownfield land. This could help the local authority to work towards their target of building 1,900 homes per year.

Brownfield Development

As you can see it is likely that Enfield Council will have to do more to make Brownfield developments work rather than targeting Greenbelt land. There are many large sites in the area, including the tricky Meridian Water.

The key thing with Brownfield is that good design can overcome almost any challenges. There are solutions to various issues, including drainage, access, instability, and more.

At Finefair we understand that the needs of local councils and the rules set out by City Hall can cause conflict. It is important to find the right solution. The focus should be on building the right kind of homes in the right areas whilst also protecting the environment.

New developments can be really attractive to investors. Those that are looking to purchase several homes can call on us to help. As the top name for block management Enfield has, we always deliver the right services. Speak to us today for help with everything, including planning as well as tenancies.