Building above train lines in London

When you think about investment properties Ealing is a great destination. Many people consider it the “Queen of the suburbs” because it has quality homes and lots of amenities. Families love the greenery, top schools and space. Commuters love the transport links and are eagerly awaiting the Elizabeth Line.

In London there is a lot of concern about housing supply. Boroughs across the capital are struggling to hit targets. The lack of new homes can increase prices and make it impossible for some people to get on the housing ladder.

Whenever there is news about projects that could increase supply, it generates a lot of excitement. The same happened recently with news that there were plans to create more homes above train lines. This airspace is largely untapped and could become a fantastic resource.

Thousands of new homes

A new report suggests there could be as much as 2,500 hectares of space to use. This could support an incredible 280,000 homes. These properties could be above train, tube and overground lines throughout Greater London.


There are many areas in Zones 2, 3 and 4 with lots of transport links. These destinations have the most potential for new homes if people choose to build above the rail lines. Locations like Ealing, Croydon and Brent have the most potential.

Additional benefits

The developments would also provide lots of other benefits. For example the projects would provide more jobs and economic benefits. In addition to homes the developments could also include community facilities, retail and other amenities.

People may not like the idea of homes above train lines, anticipating that they would be noisy. With good design though, these properties could be quiet, safe and also high quality. More importantly they would generally be in great locations with good connections.

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