Post Brexit house price rises

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Demand surge

House pricesSince Brexit there has been a surge in buyer demand in the UK. There are several reasons for this, including more confidence among UK and overseas buyers. The result of the increase is that house prices are increasing once again. The latest figures show this rise is an impressive 2.4% already in February.

Another interesting statistic is that while demand is rising, so too are the number of people looking to sell. In the period there has been a 1.6% rise in the number of homes coming on to the market. This is the first time this figure has grown in 16 months. The selling conditions are the best they have been for several years so expect even more people to come to the market.

Highest rise in prices

As one of the top providers of council leasing Kingston upon Thames has, we always monitor the market. While the rise in London as a whole is great, there have been better numbers in several Boroughs.

The biggest rise was in Lambeth. Here the year on year growth is an impressive 7.7%. This means the average house price in the area is now £648,000.

South-west London continues to dominate in terms of house prices. The next three areas with the highest growth are all in this part of the capital. In order it is Sutton (7.1%), Kingston upon Thames (4.6%) and Merton (also 4.6%).

Prime London

While the biggest rises in house prices are outside Prime London, there has been good news for some of these areas. For example Kensington and Chelsea had a 3% rise in prices. Similarly, Hammersmith and Fulham saw a 3% rise. This means buyers are returning to these markets. The only downside is the City of Westminster which saw prices fall by 1.1%.

Trade negotiations

One of the things that is inspiring property purchases and rising house prices is the current negotiations about trade. The UK could get a really great deal and find itself in a strong position. If so demand and values could continue rising. However, there is potential that the negotiating will stall and prices will flatten again.

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