Greenwich garages to be demolished to make way for council housing

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The Greenwich Builds scheme

Block management GreenwichIn Greenwich, underused, run-down, or vacant garages are going to be demolished. This is happening in order to free up space for new social housing projects. Everything is occurring under plans that recently got approval from the council’s planning board. In February 2020, the committee gave its approval to a trio of proposals. These will see 12 new homes replace blocks of garages.

All of the actions taken are part of the Greenwich Builds scheme from the council. This is focusing on constructing 750 new affordable houses. They want these in the borough by 2022. The applications here are part of the initial collection of Greenwich Builds applications but there could be many more in the future.

It is great news that projects like this are going ahead. It creates new housing and gives more people the chance to get on the housing ladder. The project also helps us as it means more potential opportunities for our clients to expand their portfolios. Our service as the best provider of block management Greenwich has can help here.

Some deliberation

One of the proposals intends to demolish 10 garages at the end of 2 Southspring, Avery Hill. The plan is to build a pair of two-bedroom houses on the land. Of all the proposals, this was the sole one that councillors did not authorise. This is because a neighbour said that these plans would lead to the council building on his property. Instead, the council chose to defer the decision so they could verify or disprove these claims.

As they shut down that proposal temporarily, similar projects from the Greenwich New Builds arm got approval. This includes a plan to tear down 11 garages that were close to 103 Strongbow Crescent, Eltham. The council wants to replace them with two two-bedroom houses. A newly-formed community group known as the Strongbow Tenants’ Action Group did speak in objection. However, there was enough satisfaction among councillors for them to vote for the proposal.

Air quality for the area

Guaranteed Rent Company GreenwichOne detail the action group had told the councillors was that they had fears over the air quality. This was because the site is bordering the A2. Yet, agents working for the applicant said that they would install modern mechanical air filters alongside the new houses. This would enhance the air quality in the local area.

This was not the sole application for the district though. There are also plans for a pair of three-bedroom dwellings. They will take the place of 10 garages at 50 Strongbow Crescent. Even bigger plans are set to take form here as well. They involve demolishing 43 garages at the end of 45 to 73 The Underwood, Eltham. Councillors gave this the go ahead too.

Block management in Greenwich

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