Is it currently a good time to buy a property?

Finefair is one of the most dynamic property specialists in London. We offer a range of fantastic services, including guaranteed rent. We also have a reputation as the top provider of council leasing Kensington has. Clients can trust us to find tenants for their properties and to offer assurances on their income.

Buyer’s market

Council leasing KensingtonWith the changes caused by coronavirus, a lot of things have been put on hold. One of them is the property market. It is tricky for people to buy and sell properties when arranging viewings, meeting sellers, and finalising deals is so hard now. A lot of lenders are also no longer taking new applicants. Some have even withdrawn mortgages already agreed in principle.

However, while it is more difficult to arrange a sale, this does give potential buyers who have the capital more power. They will have less competition with other people struggling to access mortgages. It also puts more pressure on sellers because lower competition means the potential of having to accept lower offers.


While finalising a purchase may be very tough, you can do a lot of the preparation now if you are planning to buy in the future. For starters you can look at your finances and make sure you have everything in place. If you do need a mortgage, you have more time to consider all of the options.

The more work you put in now, the better your situation will be when lockdown is relaxed and things can slowly get back to normal. Keep in mind that when this happens people who have been forced to hold on to properties may need to be willing to offer even bigger discounts.

An option for holding on to properties

Kensington and ChelseaThose people who do have to hold on to properties can come to us for a great service. As the top provider of council leasing Kensington has, we can offer a great solution. You can let us take responsibility for the property. We will find tenants, manage it, and give you assurances on everything from your income to the condition.

We can arrange guaranteed rent and leasing solutions to last for various lengths of time. For example you may just want one year to cover the current issue with coronavirus and the potential issues in the market afterwards. We can provide this as well as longer schemes if holding on to your property for the mid to long term is your plan.

Choose the best council leasing in Kensington

When you work with Finefair you can expect a first rate service every time. Our reputation is excellent and we are ready to offer assurances on any property. Even with the upheaval because of coronavirus, our current clients have no worries about their properties or rents. You can join them today by choosing one of our services.

Speak to us now to learn more. We can discuss how the schemes work, the benefits, and why we are the top provider of council leasing Kensington has. Then you will know we are the perfect partner.