Haringey introduces HMO licensing scheme

One thing landlords need to ensure they do is get the correct licenses for their HMOs. Councils across London have these schemes in place to help improve standards and tackle rogues. Failure to get a licence can result in big penalties. Finefair can help our clients to meet their obligations. We do this alongside providing the most reliable estate management Haringey can offer.

The first council in London to use HMO licensing was Newham. It took the initiative in 2013 after spotting some big issues with landlords not meeting the right standards. Other councils followed and introduced schemes. Haringey is the latest, granting approval for a scheme in the middle of last month.

What does the scheme mean?

Following the introduction of the scheme, landlords in Haringey with HMOs with more than three people in more than two households will need a licence. Landlords who get a licence early will need to pay £500. This is an early-bird fee which will rise in the future. The licensing covers the whole of the Borough. In addition there will be selective licensing on non-HMO properties in other areas.

Why introduce the scheme?

The decision to introduce licensing reflects the council’s commitment to ensuring residents have access to good quality housing. The licence means the council can identify private landlords. It also ensures that the homes are safe and get the right management.

Opinions on this kind of licensing are split with some supporting it and others suggesting it is another cost that landlords may pass on to residents. However, in January 2019 the Chartered Institute of Housing released a report into the topic. It states licensing is an effective way to improve housing conditions.

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