New proposals for Fulham Town Hall

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One thing people love seeing is old buildings given a new lease of life. This is even more important if the property has lots of history and gets a great update. There are new plans in place for this kind of project for Fulham Town Hall. Developer Ziser London has £10million to spend on transforming the property. They hope to create a new hotspot for leisure.

What is the plan?

The project will breathe life into the 51,350 sq ft building. It will create a new hotel, spa, restaurants, and event space. As a result it could become a very popular attraction.

There was an original plan to turn the building into residential units and retail space. However it did not get approval. At the time the planning authority said they would prefer the building became a hotel. This new plan has taken this recommendation onboard so it is more likely to get approval.

The building

Few properties in London have as much potential as Fulham Town Hall. The building dates back to between 1888 and 1890. As a result it has lots of history. It was previously a town hall, a registry office, and an event space. It is a rare structure, featuring grand internal volumes and elegant architecture.

The local council will consider the proposals in the near future and then decide whether to give permission.

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