Kidbrooke Village is Greenwich’s new garden suburb

When it comes to property investment Greenwich is one of London’s best hotspots. The area has lots to offer, including great transport links and unique history. In addition there is plenty of new development going on. This means the chance of new high quality modern homes.

One of the biggest projects in Greenwich is the redevelopment of the Ferrier estate. The social housing was built between 1968 and 1972, featuring multiple concrete block towers and houses. The estate was at the end of its life though and demolition took place between 2009 and 2012. In its place will be the new garden suburb, Kidbrooke Village.

Thousands of new homes

The great thing about the project is that the new suburb will have 4,800 homes in total. These will be a mix of modern apartment blocks as well as terrace houses. The buildings are modern and have space-efficient interiors. They are also more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Currently 1,500 of the homes are built. Work is continuing on different phases of the project, including Birch House. This high rise is green so it suits the theme of a garden suburb. It will have open air terraces and a communal sky-lounge.


This is a very green part of London. Nearby is Sutcliffe Park with its lake and wetlands. In the new neighbourhood there is the brand new Cator Park. As well as this the development will create “outdoor rooms”. These public spaces will be green and give people even more open space to relax in.

Homes in the area could prove to be some of the best options for property investment Greenwich has to offer. They are modern and also in a really good location.

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