Enfield is an excellent spot for first-time buyers

We’re the number one specialist in guaranteed rent Enfield has. Our company got to this position by understanding its clients. One of the things tenants value the most is a well-maintained property. Knowing this, we advise everyone to keep on top of their management concerns. This way, everyone will have peace of mind. An outstanding service is also important here.

Every homeowner’s curse is hindsight. They think about what would happen if they’d bought something sooner or later. If they had invested in another street or area, they could be sitting on a goldmine. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to predict which areas will become hotspots. In addition when they start to get attention it can be more expensive to invest.

First-time buyers arriving in the market during 2019 will want to go for superior investments. One of the best ways they can accomplish this is by following the money. According to new research from Hamptons International, these buyers are veering more towards certain postcodes. This includes Enfield’s EN2.

A cheaper option

If you’re after something cheap, it would be worth your time to explore Enfield, EN2. Just remember that it lies within Zone 5. Therefore, travel costs and commute times are higher than in other places. Despite this, an average Enfield flat costs just under £324,000. An average house will set you back £557,000. In 2018, around half of the homes sold went to first-time buyers.

This area provides beautiful red brick Victorian terraces. Several of these structures are divided into flats. The green space in this neighbourhood is plentiful too. Enfield is home to Trent Park as well as the start of the huge Lee Valley Regional Park. This is 413 acres worth of green belt land. There are also enough restaurants, pubs, and shops here to keep residents occupied.

At Finefair, we have strong working relationships with the local authorities. By forming partnerships with them, it becomes easier for us to offer you the greatest level of service. This is also one of the reasons we can offer the very best guaranteed rent Enfield has. Find out more about how it works on our website.

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