New life for former Kodak factory in Harrow

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London has a number of hallmarks of its industrial heritage. Many of these properties also showcase how quickly fortunes can change for businesses. One building that falls into this category is the Kodak factory in Harrow. The company was the dominant name in photography in the 20th century but struggled towards the end of this period after being slow to move to digital photography and printing. Bankruptcy followed but the company survived and has undergone huge changes.

Harrow factory

Kodak’s manufacturing facility in Harrow opened in 1901. It was an important site for the company, processing spent cameras. By the 1950s more than 6,000 people were working on the site. Sadly the rise of digital photography hit Kodak hard. The 55 acre Harrow factory eventually closed in 2016.

New life

Such a large well-connected site was unlikely to remain out of use for long. The factory will now become the 460-home Eastman Village, bearing the name of the founder of Kodak. The new homes will be in five low-rise red brick blocks. In addition there will be a new community centre and an energy centre to produce low-carbon heat for the homes. A historic chimney stack will remain, celebrating the history of the site.

Ultimately the redevelopment of the Kodak factory will become part of a larger new neighbourhood. In total there will be 1,800 homes as well as some brand new green space for residents to enjoy.

If you are looking to invest in new homes these could be a great option. The location has lots to offer, especially the transport links to Central London. Harrow & Wealdstone is on the Barkerloo Line and also has lots of train services.

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