Are you a Hackney landlord? Make sure you have a licence

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Do You Have A Licence?

Out of the Hackney landlords who need to apply for a licence, approximately three quarters fail to do so. This leaves them facing potential fines and prosecution.

The licensing is a part of a council scheme to deal with rogue landlords; the roll out took place in October. The low take up led to an extension on the two month grace period; the end of this was February.

A report which took place roughly a week before the deadline shows only 2,134 out of the 9,026 landlords who need to apply have done so. Failure to do this can result in up to a £30,000 fine or having to go in front of magistrates.

The landlords who need a licence are those who rent out properties in Stoke Newington, Cazenove, and Brownswood. This is as well as those who own the 4,000 HMOs with two or more households and shared facilities.

This scheme is a part of the Better Renting Campaign by the council. It estimates that there are serious problems in 4,700 of the privately rented homes in the wards. This is as well as issues with one out of five HMOs across the borough. This could include dangerous boilers, vermin infestations, exposed wiring, damp, and mould.

Landlords in the wards need to pay £500 for a 5 year licence or £425 if they are accredited. The HMO owners need to pay £950 or £875 for accredited owners. The money will help to manage the scheme with no profit for the council.

The aim of these measures is to help improve the renting system and offer protection to the people who deserve it.

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