Affordable areas close to London stations

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Many buyers and tenants plan to travel often by train. If so, then Hornchurch might be the right place for them. The area is on the list of top 10 most affordable train stations to purchase a property near in London. This is according to new data from TotallyMoney. Buyers looking for their own home will need a salary of at least £27,300 to afford accommodation within 1km of Hornchurch Station.

How did TotallyMoney work out the price?

There’s a specific way TotallyMoney figured out which areas are the most affordable near stations across the capital. Firstly, they took the median house cost of one bedroom homes that are within 1km of every station. Then they assumed that a deposit would be 10%. Next they did a calculation of the mortgage monthly repayments you would have to make over 25 years. Finally they took a look at tax and National Insurance to see what average salary people would need.

It’s not just Hornchurch that has great prices. East London in general has the best price tags. The stations themselves are either on the District or Central lines. These can offer great commute times across the capital.

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