Greenery, temples and markets – Wimbledon has it all

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Inside of Merton’s borders, you will come across the ever popular Wimbledon. This is a residential district that is famous for a certain tennis-related event that occurs in the summer. However, there is more to it than that. Come with us as we explore some of the finest attractions to behold in the area.

Green Space

Estate management MertonFirst, we have Wimbledon Common. This is London’s biggest tract of heathland, coming in at over 1,100 acres. It connects with Putney Heath towards the North of the area. In the higher section of the Common, you will find the two lakes Kingsmere and Rushmere. Due to the large amount of room available, this is also a popular spot for horseback riding.

Across the A3 to the West you have Richmond Park. It is easy to see yourself spending numerous days here cycling or walking in the woodland and heath. This is quite an achievement because it is in the middle of the city.

The open space is one of the biggest selling points in this part of London. At Finefair we play our part in helping with this. As the top provider of estate management Merton has we look after open space around estates, gardens and more.

Wat Buddhapadipa Temple

This was the first Buddhist temple to be built in the country. In 1996, the King and Queen of Thailand inaugurated it. You can find it a few streets east of the Common.

Originally, the temple’s home was in East Sheen. However, in 1976 it moved to its present site. There are resident nuns and monks. Of course, you are welcome to visit as long as you follow proper etiquette.

The primary temple has alluring interior frescoes, and there is also a stream and lake for anyone wanting a few minutes of peace.

The farmer’s market

farmer's marketIf you have time to shop, we recommend going to the Wimbledon Farmers’ Market. Trading takes place at Wimbledon Park Primary School each Saturday. It has been in business since the year 2000 and has picked up a multitude of awards in its time.

The stalls are the property of regional organic producers. As a result, the vegetables and fruit tend to change along with the seasons. In April, there will be wild garlic. For May, it is asparagus and strawberries. In July, there are cherries. Later in summer, there are apples and plumbs.

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