Developing Catford Constitutional Club into flats

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Catford Constitutional Club Development

Council leasing LewishamLewisham Council has plans for a redevelopment of the Catford Constitutional Club. The aim is to create affordable housing so it can help more people get homes. These plans are from a Catford Regeneration Partnership report. This is a company owned by the council which was set up to purchase leaseholds in and around the centre of the town.

According to the report, parts of the building are in a dangerous state. This is likely due to a lack of maintenance. Planners are looking to come up with a scheme which will retain some of the historic building if it is safe to do so. At the same time, it will create new and affordable housing. The partnership has spent a year creating a scheme for the club.

While the premises lease ended in September, the tenant Antic London is still running a restaurant and pub in the building. The part of the locally listed property that is in a dangerous state was closed off during the lease period.


The work that the property needs includes water as well as wind repairs. The council is working on a consultation with planners for the project. Lewisham Council has given approval to spend money on a review of the site’s history. They will create a proposal which will hold on to part of this historic building.

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