Detached homes have been popular for a long time

At Finefair Ltd we work hard to help clients find the right assets and manage them properly. We can also offer reliable letting solutions and guaranteed rent. In fact, we are the top provider of council leasing North London has. Our relationships with local councils across the area give us a great opportunity to find services for our clients.

Recent house demand

Council leasing North LondonThe last year has been a really interesting time for the housing market in the UK. It came to a halt then exploded back to life with a wave of buying. There were new records for the total amount of mortgages offered and properties were flying off the market.

In that time the popularity of detached homes has been amazing. They have been the most coveted properties in locations all across the UK. The demand for them has been incredibly high in the last few quarters as people look for larger properties. Much of this is driven by the fact that people need more space for working from home and want extra privacy and outdoor space.

Long term demand

While the recent demand has been higher than usual, it is not a completely new trend. In fact, the data shows that detached houses have been the most popular type since 2006. They have had the highest increase in prices in every part of the UK in the last 15 years. This includes a 63% rise in England, a 65% increase in Scotland, 39% in Wales, and 18% in Northern Ireland.

The biggest rise of all the various regions in the UK in this time was London. Here the value of detached homes has increased by 119%. That puts it ahead of every location, including the popular South East (81%). It is massively ahead of the lowest area for price growth – the North East has just 19%.

The huge rise in prices in London showcases just how high the demand is for detached homes in the capital. It also showcases that they can be quite scarce. This results in higher competition and pushes the prices up.

Talk to us about council leasing in North London

Finefair Ltd is incredibly happy that the market has come back to life in such a big way. It makes it a really exciting time for all kinds of buyers, whether they are buying their first home, moving up or down the ladder, or choosing investment properties.

If you do buy an investment property, we would love to help. Our services can offer great assurances on your rental income and are much better in terms of costs. More importantly for some, letting to local councils can be more rewarding because the homes go to people who need them the most.

So, if you want to learn more about council leasing, North London has no better source of advice than us. You can get in touch with us to ask about how it works, what it means for you, and to compare it with other options. This can help you to decide what to do with your properties and showcases why we are a good partner.