Bromley may be the best suburb in South-East London

Finefair works all across London, supporting investors and landlords. Our services are first rate, including the best estate management Bromley can offer. We are the perfect partner and can step in wherever you need us to, whether it is managing homes, dealing with tenants, or handling maintenance.

South-East London is becoming a more popular area because the homes here are more affordable. In addition there is lots of regeneration going on and investments in things like transport links. Many people are trying to find the best areas in this part of the capital. One location that is becoming a real star is Bromley. There is a lot to love here.

Rising values

Estate management BromleyThe political situation is hitting house prices in London. In some areas values are down and sellers are willing to reduce their asking prices to make a sale. It is completely different in Bromley. Here prices are rising as demand pushes them up. Therefore, investors looking for long term capital gains should consider this part of the capital.

New homes

As well as low prices, new homes are being built in the area. Churchill Quarter off Bromley High Street will create 400. A third of these will be affordable, making them perfect for first time buyers and renters. There will also be new shops, cafes, restaurants and public space. Planning permission is yet to be given, but when it is the project will last four years.


Families love living in Bromley, especially for the quality schools. The area is home to several with outstanding ratings, including Bonus Pastor Catholic College. As a result people who move here tend to stay until their children are grown up. Even then they may stay longer because they love the fact that the area feels like its own market town.


There are two train stations to choose from. Commuters can reach Charing Cross in Central London in around 35 minutes from Bromley North. From Bromley South it takes as little as 25 minutes to reach Victoria. From both stations people can change to travel to Canary Wharf. In many cases this takes under an hour.

Support for landlords and investors

Finefair has a lot of experience, making us the top name for estate management Bromley can offer. If you are a landlord or investor and want the best service, call on us.