A new registration system for short term lets

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investment properties CamdenCamden Council has signed a letter from London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The letter was addressed to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. It asks for the formation of a mandatory registration system for short term lets that last fewer than 90 days for every calendar year. Several other councils representing a cross party view co-signed the letter. This system is one that Camden Council has been campaigning for quite a while.

It’s estimated that people use 7,000 Camden properties for Short Term Letting (STL). Many adhere to the law and people are using them for less than 90 days per year. However, there are those that are unlawful. Since this is the case, it leads to a reduction of permanent housing at one time. This is not a situation the borough can afford to be in.

Enforcement complaints

The Deregulation Act (2015) came into effect not too long ago. Since then, the council has seen an increase in the amount of enforcement complaints about this problem. They rose from 35 in 2016 to 123 in 2018. This was with the reality that the volume of cases is likely a percentage of the illicit STL’s within the area.

The council’s planning enforcement team are aiming to take strong action in response. Current legislation could make this problematic however. Yet, a register could enhance the ability to tackle this concern for the residents’ benefit.

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