Ground-level vision for high-rise City of London development finalised

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Finalised Vision

Block management City of LondonThe City has finalised plans for its City Cluster Vision proposals. The aim of these is to allow for ‘unprecedented’ vertical growth. In addition the plan will look to make the area more pedestrian-friendly and greener. The plans include increasing traffic restrictions and creating wider pavements.

New towers include Eric Parry’s 1 Undershaft, Make’s 1 Leadenhall, PLP’s 22 Bishopsgate, and also SOM’s 100 Leadenhall Street. These are examples of the upward drive. New high rises will help see around 60% of new office floor space for the Square Mile delivered in the Eastern Tall Buildings Cluster.

Improving the area

The City’s director of the built environment said that the expansion would allow for the introduction of 75,000 – 100,000 additional workers. This would happen over the next decade in the cluster. She also said that the final vision will pair this with a safer and greener environment at ground level to help cope with these numbers.

This vision was drawn up by the City in conjunction with the City Property Association and the City Architecture Forum. This was as well as local businesses and wards. The specifics of the plan will help make sure that the cluster’s spaces and streets will respond to change and function well. As a result it will help further improve the destination.

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